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"I had to write to let you know how successful our eBay auctions have been. Since starting on May 12th we have just reached a fantastic 10,000. Not bad in five months!!! Our ICT room is now built, furnished and will be officially opened on 14th November. A huge thank you for giving us the idea, and for all the addresses, as all our successes have come from your directory."

Bill Jerman, Headteacher, Hampton Hill Junior School, UK

"I just thought you might like to know how much we raised from the shoe auction. The total was 10,941.41. Thank you for all your help with this."


"You'd recently posted Daniel Day Lewis filming in the UK, so I wrote away, never imaging anything would come back as he is notoriously private on set and doesn't generally sign anytime. I received my There Will Be Blood 8x10 back personalised and signed my the man himself, I've checked against IP sources and it's genuine...and therefore my best auto. DDL is my favourite actor."

K.G., Worcestershire, UK.

"You may recall I contacted you earlier in the year for some advice concerning the work we do for the Birth Defects Foundation Charity. I am delighted to tell you that as a result of using Star Directory we have had a staggeringly successful response netting more than 400 personally autographed teddy bear T shirts, many of them hand decorated and with personal notes. They range from Sir Elton John and Sir Cliff Richard to Tina Turner, George Clooney and Archbishop Desmond Tutu!"

K.W., Stafford, UK.

"Thanks so much again for all your work. Please don't spend any more time on June Fulton, Mary Germaine and Virginia Gibson. The info that you have got for 9 out of 12 is amazing. My friend has been sending copies of his book to these starlets over the last few months (they are all in the book) and has had some wonderful replies from them."

I.P., Powys, UK.

"Just wanted to say congratulations on the new site I think it is great. I think the site provides great value for money, it's well laid out and the search facility is so quick and easy to use plus the amount of extra addresses you have provided is tremendous, I have already found some more addresses that I had been looking for."

J.M., Ayr, UK.

"I bought your Star Directory quite a while ago just to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy charity that I am secretary of locally. We are holding a charity auction here in Aberystwyth this year. Thanks to you I am awash with autographs!! I was thrilled to get Kirk Douglas's in which he has signed "Caring and Sharing" - nice man. Ian Botham sent me a signed book and Bernie Eccleston donated two Formula 1 Play Station games for the auction. And there are still more autographs arriving through my door."

C.P., Aberystwyth, UK.

"I just want to say thanks for Star Directory as since I got the 5th edition I've had over 300 successes with my autograph collection."

M.L., Redhill, UK.

"Star Directory has been a fantastic resource in assisting our fundraising here at national disabled children's charity the ACE Centre. Keep up the great work!"

N.S., Oxford, UK.

"After purchasing your directory about a month ago, I thought I should tell you of my success. Kelly Brook signed A4 picture of her from FHM magazine, signed in blue marker. John Cleese signed 8" x 6" black and white photo, signed in blue biro. Phil Collins signed 8" x 6" black and white photo, signed in black marker. Catherine Zeta Jones signed A4 picture of her laying down. Signed nicely in blue. David Beckham signed 6" x 4" colour postcard, signed in black. Thank you so very much!!!!!!"

C.H., Rayleigh, UK.

"I am just writing to say thank you for your Star Directory! I have had many successes, from Adele Silver to Sarah Dunn, to The cast of Frasier. THANK YOU!

J.E., St Albans, UK.

"Thanks to your directory York and District Citizens Advice Bureau held a celebrity charity auction in October and raised nearly 2,000."

C.H.N., York, UK.

"Your website is awesome!!! Today I received another signed comic book. This one by Adam West. He personalized it especially for our school. I also received Tobey Maguire's autograph from the "in production" address for Spiderman II and a autograph from Jackie Chan. The mail time on all of these was 3 weeks. You have no idea how excited we are about the celebrity autographs that continue to come in."

"I've been so impressed with your website. Anything I have wanted I have been able to find, or through your Address Request system you have found it so promptly. I sing your praises to everyone. Thanks for making a difficult task (finding good addresses) easy."

J.D., Oklahoma City, USA.

"I've been asked to contact you on behalf of the charity I am working for. I purchased the Star Directory when it was at Edition 4 to help build up my own [autograph] collection and have since bought the recent one which has helped me to raise a fantastic 813.88 from just three auctions on eBay for Sheffield Children's Hospital, Chrystal Radio."

A.O., Mansfield, UK.

"It is only recently that I have started sending items away to be signed and I am amazed that the majority of my stuff has been returned signed. I am also astounded at the fact I have only received about 4 pre-prints since I started using Star Directory (or my Bible, as it is affectionately known) last year."

P.D., Aberdeen, UK.

"Buying your book is the best money I've ever spent."

J.G., Louth, UK.

"I just want to say that your directory is BRILLIANT! Before I had it I got dodgy addresses off the internet, and had about 15 autographs. Now my collection includes Kylie Minogue, Sir Michael Caine, Pierce Brosnan and Elizabeth Hurley." D.L., Tonbridge, UK.

"I just want to thank you very much for compiling this book. I purchased it from you some months ago on behalf of our charity (St Marks Primary School - PSA). We put our first auction on eBay last week and our total raised so far is £1,700. A really big thank you.... without your help we would not have been able to raise so much money." L.M., Hanwell, UK.

"I just wanted to say that I think this is a superb site and great value for money. I especially like the 'In Production' section as I can never find any information on films currently being filmed. The layout of the site is excellent and very easy to navigate. Thanks for a great site!" C.W., Banbury, UK.

"As soon as the next edition of your directory is on sale, I'll be in the queue. It has genuinely revolutionised my [autograph] collecting." G.L.W., Barton-on-Sea, UK.

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